The time has come for real solutions!

Placement Solutions was established in December 2009 as a new brand name for a highly experienced recruitment team with more than 25 years success behind them in NZ.

Placement Solutions will set new standards for recruitment services to employers in New Zealand, and we offer a very special commitment to the marketplace:

  • Placement Solutions will be (as the name implies) a higher solutions-based recruitment business. In fact, we have introduced an employment guarantee of six months on all placements made (compared to the three months industry standard).
  • Placement Solutions will only employ consultants who bring commercial maturity and business judgement which ensures they can genuinely advise and assist our employer clients. (We intend to earn “partnership” status with our clients).
  • Placement Solutions will be the one-stop-shop for employers who value any outside assistance with employment matters such as establishing employment agreements, measuring staff performance, crafting role KPI’s and remuneration.
  • Placement Solutions will offer ProfilePlus psychometric behavioural measurements and Tellon IQ test evaluations on shortlist candidates in all situations where such assessment detail is important in confirming true performance potential.
  • Placement Solutions will impose high standards of candidate selection through our SEAL screening process when interviewing and assessing applicants. While this may result in fewer candidates being presented, they will be only of top quality fit.
  • Placement Solutions will guarantee a very fast response to an employer job brief. We will expect our consultants to have a talent file check underway within 24 hours and if Job Board advertising is needed, to have that underway within 48 hours.
  • Placement Solutions will always and only operate ethically and confidentially. At all times our operation will match to the standards required to meet RCSA approval. Both employers and candidates will rate us as a totally professional service provider
  • Placement Solutions will maintain and respect a confidential candidate talent bank of the highest quality people, registered in both active and passive availability categories for the business sectors we represent to the market. We will also process head hunting and executive search campaigns for senior placements when appropriate.
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